Ron Colucci
Managing Director
Ron Colucci

Ron Colucci graduated from Youngstown State University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting in the early eighties. After spending several years as a corporate accountant and supervisor, Ron’s career migrated into the expense reduction arena, where he has now been for over 25 years.

Ron is a proud dad to three fantastic daughters and, to date, a proud grandfather to three terrific grandchildren.

As managing director of the midwestern region of Redwood Tax Specialists, which operates on a national level, Ron, Scott and their team work with CPA’s and accountants to reduce the federal taxes of their affluent clients by around 50% nearly 100% of the time.

In addition, Ron is affiliated with Growth Management Group (GMG), which also operates on a national level. GMG uses their own resources to make businesses more profitable by reducing taxes and expenses, thereby improving the client’s cash flow. GMG performs their services on a contingency basis, so no “leap of faith” is required from the client. If they are successful in reducing expenses, which is typically the case,  GMG participates in a reasonable percentage of the savings. If they are not successful, their client company incurs no expense from the effort.

“Our reduction strategies reduce taxes around 50% almost 100% of the time!”